Dr. Daniel Skinner, MD

Founder of BioWell Therapeutics

“I’ve spent 30+ years in this community where I developed a solid reputation as a Partner (20 years) with Comprehensive Anesthesia Services.

As a practicing doctor engaged in numerous surgical cases, I grew to appreciate that the medical profession should do more in  the area of prevention…before the last resort of surgery. I have spent years researching and refining my skills with a focus on reducing my patient’s need for surgery.

With BioWell Therapeutics I am now able to guide my patients in early screening for the underlying causes of deterioration that lowers the natural immune system due to age, poor nutrition, or injury. Our goal is to stop and reverse functional degeneration and the causes of internal inflammation that often leads to  stressful, chronic or catastrophic illnesses. A welcome change in the approach to health.”

Our Team

Dr. Daniel Skinner, MD — Founder of BioWell Therapeutics

What We Do and Why!

BioWell Therapeutics is a modern medical practice offering extended wellness therapeutics by adding the latest techniques and technological solutions to facilitate effective, preventive and restorative care.

Extending Medical Wellness Therapeutics

Some doctors refer patients to BioWell Therapeutics because we provide extended medical information beyond the reach of traditional medical care that relies largely on blood tests, stethoscopes, surgeries and pharmaceuticals. The dispensation of pills with many long-term side effects, often as a trade-off to short-term benefits, has become common, but for many Americans this approach can have undesired and seemingly mysterious consequences. Among the community of doctors today many are recognizing this shortcoming. As a result, the fastest growing trend in the medical field today is towards integrative and functional medicine, which examines the individual person’s unique bio system interactions and underlying root causes of ill health.

We Offer Affordable Care!

By offering a single annual fee that includes checkups and certain therapeutic procedures BioWell Therapeutics makes extended medical wellness an affordable option for our local community, including:

  • We make every effort to honor same day appointments for acute injury or illness
  • Annual wellness examination
  • Annual physical examination
  • Longer appointments for preventive visits, lab review & other follow-ups
  • Secure, online portal access to your medical records

Patient care options:

  • Walk-in screenings
  • In-person by appointment only
  • Telemedicine options available
  • Our medical referral network

We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield Alabama and Medicare

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