Could Your Cheeks Use Extra Volume? Consider BeautiFill®

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Patients looking for skin-plumping and shaping results with staying power now have the option of a unique procedure capable of producing long-lasting and natural results. If you’re not happy with the volume of your cheeks or feel that they’ve grown hollow or have begun to droop as you age, BeautiFill treatment may be just the procedure you’re looking for.

Dr. Daniel Skinner at BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL is skilled at performing the BeautiFill laser lipo plus fat transfer method and can tell you if the procedure is the right way to meet your aesthetic goals.

Below, we’ll look at how this unique treatment can add volume to hollow cheeks for a more youthful result that can last longer than fillers.

What is BeautiFill, and is it better than conventional dermal fillers?

BeautiFill by Alma is not a conventional filler. It’s a state-of-the-art laser lipo and fat transfer treatment that removes unwanted fat from one area of the body and uses it to enhance other features, such as the lips, cheeks, breasts, or buttocks.

One of the benefits of BeautiFill is that it does not require the risk of general anesthesia. This makes it more convenient and less expensive than traditional liposuction, with fewer side effects and less downtime.

Who is a good candidate for BeautiFill treatment?

Every patient has different needs when it comes to filling out the cheeks, and an aesthetic specialist can look at your goals and recommend the best possible way to achieve them. But for those who have narrowed their options down to conventional dermal fillers and BeautiFill, more patients are choosing the latter for natural results that last longer than fillers.

You may be a good candidate for BeautiFill if you:

  • Want to see results that can last for many years (unlike months for many fillers)

  • Have excess fat that you’d like to get rid of in another area of your body

  • Want an outpatient procedure that requires only a local anesthetic

  • Are committed to sustaining a stable weight to help ensure the best results possible from the fat transfer procedure

How does BeautiFill help shape cheeks?

Synthetic fillers can be great for temporary face sculpting and plumping, but they often have to be reinjected every 12 – 18 months. BeautiFill can last years or even a decade.

After using laser energy to loosen and remove unwanted fat cells from a troublesome area of your body, such as the flanks, hips, or abdomen, Dr. Skinner will isolate the most viable and uniform fat cells to perform the fat transfer. By expertly injecting these cells into your cheeks, he will be able to restore volume in hollow cheeks and contour them to your liking.

Not only can the BeautiFill treatment add volume to cheeks, but it can help smooth out lines and wrinkles. This treatment can be used to plump the lips as well and may help shape the breasts and the buttocks for patients in need of contouring in these locations.

Get BeautifFill treatment in Huntsville, AL

BeautiFill treatment is a great way to produce natural and long-lasting cheek plumping and lifting results using your body’s own cells to reduce side effects.

If you’re interested in learning more about BeautiFill treatment, you can schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Daniel Skinner at BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL to see if this is the right treatment for you.

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