Will BeautiFill®Treatment Renew my Sunken Cheeks?

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Your face is the first part of your appearance people often notice – and that includes your cheeks. If you have sunken cheeks, you might feel unhappy and less confident in how you look. Fortunately, there’s a solution – BeautiFill treatment at BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL.

BeautiFill is a state-of-the-art treatment that uses the most advanced technology to help you get your dream body and face. By taking fat cells from problem areas in your body and moving them to areas where you want extra volume, you can feel confident and proud of how you look. Here’s a look at what BeautiFill is — and how it can help address sunken cheeks.

What is BeautiFill treatment?

Moving fat cells from one area of the body to another used to be a dream, but with BeautiFill, it’s a reality.

This advanced beauty treatment in Huntsville, AL is a natural approach to getting the body and face you’ve always wanted. Utilizing laser energy under the skin, Dr. Skinner will use the BeautFill procedure to gently loosen fat from areas you don’t want it, such as your abdomen, hips, thighs, and flanks.

Then, those live fat cells are harvested and injected into areas where you want to restore volume, such as sunken cheeks. Other common areas to restore volume include the buttocks and other areas of the face.

How is BeautiFill different from other fat harvesting procedures?

BeautiFill is a one-of-a-kind approach to fat harvesting and transfer. While other methods destroy or discard fat, BeautiFill uses an advanced laser instrument to remove the highest quality and quantity of live fat cells for reimplantation.

The key to fat transfer is ensuring those fat cells stay alive (or viable). One study of BeautiFill showed higher than an impressive 90% fat cell viability. The higher the percentage of live fat cells, the higher the chances those fat cells will survive after reimplantation — and keep you looking fabulous for years to come.

WIth BeautFill, you can feel confident that your fat transfer will be effective, natural-looking, and long-lasting.

What can I expect during and after BeautiFill treatment?

Whether you want to restore sunken cheeks or other parts of your body that have lost volume, BeautiFill treatment in Huntsville, AL is a safe and quick approach to achieving the body and face you want.

To start, the BeautiFill procedure can be done in just one treatment. What’s more, you’ll see a noticeable difference right away — with results that will last for years.

BeautiFill treatment is also a virtually pain-free procedure. It’s done using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and remove risks from general anesthesia.

After your BeautiFill treatment, you can expect less bruising and swelling than other fat harvesting treatments. This is thanks to BeautiFill’s advanced laser energy. For smaller treatments, you may experience mild soreness, swelling, and bruising for up to two days. However, you can return to your normal activities the next day.

Restore and renew sunken cheeks with BeautiFill

Reduce volume to restore volume — that’s the primary goal of BeautiFill treatment. Whether you’d like to restore volume in sunken cheeks or in other parts of your body – with the added benefit of reducing volume in problem areas – BeautiFill can help you finally achieve the look you’ve always desired. If you live near Birmingham, AL or Southern Tennessee, make an appointment with Dr. Daniel Skinner at BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL to renew sunken cheeks and feel confident in your appearance.

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