Regenerative Wellness


Whether you experience aches and pains form injuries, strains, bruises, or arthritic consequences consider the deep healing options available to you through our regenerative Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection treatment. Our Perfect PRP™ solution delivers the highest degree of regeneration for joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Perfect PRP

This procedure addresses chronic injuries in the following areas, including:

Knees: Meniscus, ACL, MCL, LCL, arthritis, kneecap instability
Shoulder: Rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, tenositis (inflammation of tendons)
joint dysfunction
Ankle/Foot: Achilles dysfunction, tendonitis, arthritis, ankle sprains
Wrist/Hand/Finger: Joint tendonitis, ligament tears, arthritis, carpal tunnel
Elbow (bone): Tennis elbow (later epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis)


Sexual incapacities may be due to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Stress Incontinence, Painful Orgasms, or to aesthetic issues regarding the look and feel of genitals. These issues can be addressed without resorting to expensive surgery with safe and effective PRP injectibles.

O-Shot (for Women)

The O-Shot® is a simple office procedure utilizing your own blood, called platelet rich plasma (PRP), obtained from a simple blood draw, like what you would experience for a lab test. This blood is processed, and the platelets, growth factors, and cytokines are recovered from the blood. The injection is nearly painless, requiring some topical anesthesia and ice. The results of the injection are better lubrication, improved orgasm, leading to an overall more fulfilling sex life. Most women will also experience a complete reduction of urinary stress incontinence. This allows women to be more self-confident, and return to their normal exercise routines, without the risk of an “accident”.

Oshot logo

Priapus Shot® (for Men)

The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot is an office-based procedure, performed under topical anesthetic, utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma obtained from a simple blood draw. Benefits of the injection are a firmer, fuller penis, with increased sensation, and restoration of the sex life you had in your 20’s and 30’s. For men already taking “the little blue pill”, most can eliminate them completely, or at a minimum significantly reduce the dose.


Now there are non-surgical methods for restoring your skin’s liveliness and the natural beauty of your face, breasts and hair.

Vampire FaceLift®

Developed in 2010 by Dr. Charles Runels, the Vampire Facial, and Vampire FaceLift are techniques to restore the natural beauty to your face from within. Both procedures utilize Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), obtained from a simple blood draw. Treatments require only topical numbing. Improve the shape, texture, and overall glow to your face. Get rid of that dreaded tired or sick look. The procedures can erase 10 or more years from your aging face and restore your natural beauty.

vampire facelift
Breast Image

Vampire Breast Lift®

The Vampire Breast Lift is an office-based procedure developed to enhance the shape of your breast. It is not a replacement for breast implants, but in many cases can give the breast a rounder appearance, with a fuller cleavage. If nipple sensation is an issue, either due to post-surgical effects, or breastfeeding, the injection can restore the loss of sensation, and pleasure obtained from it. For women with implants, the procedure can reduce slight irregularities not corrected by the implant.

Vampire Hair Restoration®

The Vampire Hair Restoration procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), the growth factors obtained from your blood, to produce new hair follicles and stimulate current follicles to produce thicker hair. This procedure works for both males and females to address hair loss experiences due to hormonal changes (male pattern baldness), traction alopecia (from braids and ponytails), as well as other medical causes of baldness.

Vampire Hair


With our customized nutritional therapeutic treatments, you can be reinvigorated with doses of Vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins This treatment is ideally suited for sufferers of fatigue, migraines, and respiratory issues, such as colds, asthma, and flu, seasonal allergies, as for the administering of electrolytes to replenish and hydrate the body and for rejuvenation of the skin.

Your biosystem needs nourishment to thrive. At BioWell we offer intravenous IV Therapy infusions with personalized blends of vitamins and minerals. Patients receiving IV Therapy feel better quickly due to higher-level absorption.
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