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What Is the O-Shot?

The G-spot, short for the Grafenberg spot, is a highly sensitive area within the vagina that can produce powerful orgasms when stimulated. But when the changes that develop with aging, childbirth, and pregnancy start to take place, women may experience lowered libido and less intense arousal as the lining of the vagina thins. Skilled physician Dr. Daniel Skinner understands the changes that occur in a woman's body and has proven solutions to restore their intimate health. The O-Shot is a natural treatment derived from your body's own growth factors that aim to rebuild healthy tissue within the vagina. If you believe that natural aging or childbirth has gotten in the way of your sexual wellness, contact BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL to learn more about the O-Shot.

How Does the O-Shot work?

The O-Shot is a relatively short procedure that takes roughly 30 minutes or less to complete at our office in Huntsville, AL. Before your injection, Dr. Skinner will perform a physical exam and learn about your unique needs. A numbing cream may then be applied to the area to ensure your comfort. We will then take a bit of your blood and process it through a centrifuge machine to create your injectable. Once finished, the solution is administered to the necessary areas of the vagina. Many women find that their sexual arousal is improved following an O-Shot treatment with results usually lasting up to four months.

O-Shot FAQ

How long does the O-Shot last?
Though the longevity of results can vary from person to person, they typically last about 12 – 18 months. During an initial consultation, our team can let you know what to expect. We can also provide recommendations for touch-up treatments when needed to maintain your optimal results.

How long does it take for the O-Shot to work?
Most patients can start to notice some results as soon as three weeks after treatment. However, optimal results can take anywhere from 3 – 4 months to become noticeable. Schedule a consultation at our facility to learn more about the many benefits of an O-Shot procedure.

Is the O-Shot painful?
Many patients do not experience any pain during an O-Shot procedure. Before your treatment, a numbing agent will be administered to the area to ensure your comfort. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable treatment possible while also allowing for desired results.

Improve Your Libido

BioWell Therapeutics is proud to be a leader in innovative health and wellness solutions. If you would like to enhance your sexual satisfaction and restore your sexual function, consider the benefits of the O-Shot. Dr. Skinner personalizes this treatment to each patient and will develop a customized treatment plan that fully suits you.

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