Minimally Invasive Fat Transfer in Huntsville, AL

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Nowadays, there are numerous treatments that restore the contours and volume of your face and body, but fat grafting is increasing in popularity because of its natural improvements and lasting benefits. Loss of volume, most commonly caused by aging, is usually more pronounced around the eyes, jawlines, and cheeks. Nonsurgical fat grafting with advanced technology is used to correct some of the more typical signs of aging, and it replenishes plumpness by smoothing lines, wrinkles, and folds throughout your face with your transferred fat. By removing excess fat from your body, skilled physician Dr. Daniel Skinner in Huntsville, AL can carefully reapply the fat into the desired areas of your face and body for beautiful, lasting outcomes. To find out more about facial fat grafting, contact BioWell Therapeutics to arrange an appointment with Dr. Skinner.


A fat transfer can be performed in a number of areas to add volume, decrease facial lines, or improve the contours of the face and body. A fat transfer is ideal to augment the cheeks so that this area appears lifted and fuller without having to undergo surgery. Additionally, transferred fat can also be used as a natural lip filler. You can also use a fat graft to fill the hollow under-eye areas or to add volume to larger areas, like the breasts and buttocks. Facial fat grafting may also improve pitted acne scars and wrinkles (for example, brow furrows, marionette lines). Dr. Skinner will develop your custom treatment plan to focus on your concerns and cosmetic goals.


Fat transfer to the face and body can be done using advanced liposuction technology. To help you achieve the look you want, our team at BioWell Therapeutics will assess your current weight and goals to determine how much fat is needed for harvesting and reinstating. Reach out to our office in Huntsville, AL to find out if you could be an ideal candidate for this treatment that produces thrilling results for many patients.

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