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What is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Through the side effects of menopause, aging, and childbirth, the tissue and skin of the internal and external vaginal areas can become slack, causing functional complications. Laser vaginal rejuvenation uses advanced technology to strengthen the inside of the vagina and address symptoms, like sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and stress incontinence. Laser vaginal rejuvenation stimulates the growth of collagen, which in turn strengthens the vaginal skin's resilience and elasticity. It is an excellent noninvasive option to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the vagina and address potential medical conditions. To find out more about laser vaginal rejuvenation, arrange a consultation with skilled physician Dr. Daniel Skinner at BioWell Therapeutics in Huntsville, AL.

Our Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Technique

Laser vaginal rejuvenation can be completed in our office in about 30 minutes. No anesthesia is necessary for the treatment. For the procedure, a wand-shaped handpiece will be maneuvered around the exterior labia and vulva. The wand may also be placed inside of your vagina as the controlled heat energizes the tissues and vaginal skin to stimulate collagen, which strengthens the area. A thermometer is built into the handpiece so that the temperature can be monitored and manipulated as needed to prevent discomfort or injury.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation FAQs

Is laser vaginal rejuvenation safe?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is safe as long as it's performed by a properly trained professional. The specialists at BioWell Therapeutics have extensive experience in this procedure and use only the latest and most advanced tools and technologies in the industry. We take safety seriously and always put the health and well-being of our patients first.

Is laser vaginal rejuvenation painful?

Other forms of vaginal rejuvenation, like surgery, cause significant pain and major side effects like irritation. Most women report that our laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure is not painful. We don't even require anesthesia. If you're still concerned, our team can review what's involved during and after the treatment process.

Is laser vaginal rejuvenation permanent?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation produces long-lasting results but does not stop future changes to your body. Factors like menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth can still affect the appearance and health of your vagina. Patients in Huntsville, AL, are free to return as often as needed to maintain optimal vaginal health.

Restore your Confidence

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a good option if you wish to combat some of the effects of menopause, childbirth, and aging. It can also improve the appearance of your vagina. To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation, reach out to our team at BioWell Therapeutics and let our team help you achieve improved sexual health after just one visit.

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